Monday, November 27, 2017

How to Get Your BIG FAT Check from Ebates

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I know many of you are looking for ways to saving money when you shop online. I hope you all are using! Not only can you get cash back from many of your purchases at pretty much all the major retail stores they will run through coupons for you if there are any available when you check out. After the holidays are over you could potentially get a big fat check. I've gotten a few of those and expect another one this year.

First you need to sign-up for Ebates.
( You also get $10 for signing up with my link!)

Once you sign up for an account, you can go to search the retailer you want to shop with if you already have one in mind or browse the current deals. 

I recommend that you download the Google Chrome extension.

You will get the opportunity to click the button when a store you are shopping offers cash back (you will not have to remember to go to Ebates). This will prevent you from ever forgetting to get your cash back when you shop.

Cash back varies from time to time and the % of cash back you will receive from your purchase is clearly stated next to the retailer and it varies. 

When do they PAY you?

Cash back is sent via check once you reach $5.01. Bonus rewards from signing up or referrals do not count towards this minimum, so make sure you are connecting your purchases.

Have a ton of friends, a blog, or big social media following?

Make referral bonuses by sharing your referral link, found here:

How do you make sure your in-store purchases count?

To make sure your purchases count is to use their app or their site to LINK OFFERs for in-store shopping. If you are in a store, go to the app (or the site will work too) and see if there is an in-store offer. You will need to have a credit card that you are going to use on file for this to work but it can be worth it!

You will collect $10 when you sign up with the above link, so enjoy :)

I hope your cash back adds up this holiday season!

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