Friday, December 15, 2017

BRIO Builder Activity Set Review

We got to review the BRIO building set this week. It is a box full of colorful parts, pieces, connectors and fasteners 

There are 211 parts in this creative BRIO Builder Activity Set. A lot of the pieces are made from sustainable wood, the rest are made from plastic. It is recommended for ages 3 and up. 

It comes in a sturdy box to store everything in neatly and it makes an excellent gift.

What we liked about the BRIO Builder Activity Set

We are big fans of BRIO toys. We like the BRIO company because they use certified responsibly sourced and sustainable wood and their toys are high-quality and well-made.

I really liked the quality of the tools. The plier has a little spring to keep it open and the hammer has a little bit of weight to the head.

Everything is really colorful, sturdy, and the pieces connect well and it is relatively easy, even for the little ones, to get started making something.

The set comes with instructions for a bunch of different vehicles, sculptures, or machines you can build. The kids got really creative with the pieces and enjoyed building things from their imagination. They get to learn about construction, engineering, tools, fasteners, physics, and generally just be creative with building things from this set.

My 6 year old enjoyed playing with the set as did my almost 3 year old.

You can buy The BRIO Activity Set on Amazon or wherever BRIO toys are sold.

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