Monday, December 18, 2017

Star Shower Window Wonderland movies and Slide Show Outdoor Holiday Decorating

Two Christmas d├ęcor/lighting products sent to us from Star Shower updated our Christmas decorations so easily this year. We love decorating for the holidays but I really was not that into a lot of the old decorations and updating the display seemed like a lot of work when we didn't really have the time (or money$$!!!). This makes such an easy and cost effective display that is totally low-maintenance.

If you are looking to update your holiday displays or have no time to really do much of anything, I recommend you check out these two excellent and EASY ideas to have outdoor decorations that look amazing on a shoestring budget and very little time.

The Star Shower Window Wonderland

This cute looking Star Shower Window Wonderland projector actually projects 1 of 12 holiday displays (6 are for Christmas) at an inside window. It is plugged into a wall outlet.

The set up was easy.  It comes with a stand but it attached easily to our tripod which worked great for us because there was not a piece of furniture that we could place it on.

The kit also comes with a sheet that you place inside your window along with attachment you can place it on furniture and aim it at any window for a video to be playing OUTSIDE! Simply touch a button and select a movie to play.

In our neighborhood this was very unique and very cute and magical. The kids loved it, of course, but nobody else had anything like it. It is also a great decoration if you live in an apartment.

There are 6 Christmas movies and 6 Halloween movies to play. I can't wait to use this on Halloween!

Star Shower Slideshow

Now that we have something cute going on in your front window, the Star Shower Slideshow just needs an outlet to plug into, you choose which slide you want on your house and turn it on to decorate the rest of the house! It will project the designs onto your house and create a magical and exciting display. The kids chose the slide with the gingerbread man on it and some other cute things and it looks so cool, fun, and colorful!

If you need to get some holiday decorations up quickly, or need a fun gift for someone who loves Christmas, make sure you check out these two great products:

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