Saturday, December 9, 2017

Vampirina Spin Go Round Game Review

Wonder Forge, the award winning game company sent us another game for little kids. It is their Spin Go Round style game with a Disney Jr. Vampirina theme. This game is described as a twist on bingo where each player gets a spinner and you pass them to the next player when someone lands on a Spin Go Round. You match your cards to color, pattern, shape or character and the first to get 3 or 4 in a row wins. Since it was for ages 3 and up and it was only supposed to last 15 minutes, I figured my nearly 2.75 year old could try it...

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We loved this Vampirina Spin Go Round Game game. It was very easy for the nearly 6 year old and the under 3 year old to understand (with some coaching). The swapping of the spinners makes it exciting and fun. The cards fit into the tray to keep the game neat while you play.

There are 2 levels of game play to accommodate different skill levels. It is well made, sturdy , the box is sturdy and thick enough to hold up for generations. If you have other Wonder Forge games, you'll know they are all the same size and shape so they fit on a shelf and can be stacked SO nicely! One of the many reasons we like this brand.

It is cute, easy, fun, and we think it make s a great gift! You can find it on Amazon or wherever good toys are sold.

Why we like Wonder Forge

Wonder Forge have a "Smaller Footprint" stamp on the bottom meaning that it is made with at least 90% post consumer recycled waste and using resources from sustainable forests and eliminating unnecessary plastic which is why these guys are one of our favorite game companies. The other reason we like them is because they are fun!


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