Saturday, December 9, 2017

Banned Words Game Review

Wonder Forge sent us this thought provoking game called Banned Words. It is for ages 12 and up and it is a team game for 4 or more players. Each team has 90 seconds to predict words that they think the opposing team will use for their teammates to guess the target words. One player on each side gives clues so their teammates can guess the target words. If they say the "banned words" the other team gets a point.

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If Banned Words sounds a little confusing to you as it does to me the divider, between the two teams is also the directions and rules printed on both sides.

There are a lot of pop culture references or thought provoking workds on the cards like "Double Rainbow", organ donor, hair ball, and Instagram and everything is in a typewritten font giving it this retro feel.

The best part is that the cards for the banned words and the score card are shiny and the game comes with nice little dry erase markers that have their erasers on top which are fun to use.

Why we like these guys

Wonder Forge games are stamped with the "Smaller Footprint" meaning that it is made with at least 90% post consumer recycled waste and using resources from sustainable forests and eliminating unnecessary plastic which is why these guys are one of our favorite game companies. The other reason we like them is because they are fun!

This is a fun game for the older kids or even the grown-ups on a game night or for a gift. You can find Banned Words on Amazon or wherever Wonder Forge Toys are sold.

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