Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cirque du Soleil LUZIA Review and Discount Code

It was just about time for a date night when we received complimentary tickets to LUZIA by Cirque du Soleil. Squeezed in between our daughters third Birthday and a house guest arriving, Hubs and I got our kids over to the grandparents and headed up the the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa where LUZIA has landed its big top for a short time. I'm so glad we worked it in. The show did not disappoint and if you are a Southern California local or visitor, we have a 30% off for you for an amazing deal on this limited time event.

LUZIA was inspired by Mexican music and culture. Luz, in Spanish means light and in the backdrop of a golden sun on a central stage, visual effects, and even a waterfall and pool create a stunning backdrop for the heart stopping acrobatic performances we love from Cirque shows.

Amazing costumes of horses, jaguars, and birds remind us that circus no longer means animal acts when you have such talent, athleticism, beauty, and creativity of the actors, acrobats, and clowns. I especially loved the running horse scene on the spinning conveyor with the butterfly girl and the waterfall acts.

We had a lovely date night at this show. They had snacks, wine, beer, and Moscow Mules. The music was beautiful the show was breathtaking, the costumes were gorgeous. I wish I could show a closer look at the wrap around silver iguana one of the girls was wearing because I feel like I need one.

There were lots of kids at this 8pm show and it made me think twice about leaving ours home. I suppose even the kiddos can appreciate this! We bought them the coolest little butterfly finger puppet souvenirs, which I also feel I need for myself.

LUZIA is only here until March 25th. 
We have an awesome 30% off tickets offer if you want to experience it for yourself.

by Cirque du Soleil
(Select shows/seats only)

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