Wednesday, March 14, 2018

GOOD Toys that fit in Easter Eggs 2018 (No Junk!)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Theme Thomas Minis

We've got Easter coming up and our little plastic eggs ready! Every year, no matter where we are, we do an egg hunt. We got Easter Sunday, parties and playdates coming so we need toys but not just any toys... we want GOOD toys that fit in Easter eggs. We don't want junk. We'd rather buy a few good toys and fill the rest of the eggs with money and candy than do toys that will end up in a landfill. These are all of our favorite GOOD small toys for Easter Eggs this year.

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These little Thomas trains have been on our list every year since we've had Easters with our kids. They are cute, fun, and highly collectible as they come out with new and special designs all the time. I bought a HUGE 50 pack on sale a few years ago, took out the ordinary ones for our playgroup and it still lasted for 4 years and 2 kids (until the big kid got too old for them!)

This movie was a favorite in our house. If you have a Troll's fan, a collector, they may be delighted to have these slittle guys pop out of their plastic eggs!

If you have a little person that has seen Cars 1 more times than you can count, you can stuff their plastic Easter eggs with these! I wish I still had a kid into it. We collected all the full sized cars!

These come in blind bags too!

Cute and collectible Shopkins come in multi-packs of tiny fun for your mini-foodie cutie pies.

These are another toy that we bought a 2 big packs of years ago and I still have some for this year.  The Lalaloopsy Tinies they are very pretty miniature toys but the cool thing about them is that they are also beads with a hole that goes through the figures. The packs also come with a cord and little round beads to make necklaces.

Have a little one that gets a kick out of all things yucky? The Grossery Gang puts something rotten inside your plastic eggs just like the nasty goo that is in the real ones. 

This is a great little pack of ponies. They are small enough to fit in eggs but they are getting hard to find. Nobody is selling them on Amazon prime so get there quick so you have enough time for shipping!

(or break up a set!)

You can poke a little hole in the bag or build them to get the LEGO minifigs inside the plastic eggs. The Batman series that came out not too long ago is my current favorite but there are always a new set available. Breaking up LEGO sets is another cool idea to fill eggs and have the kids get the instructions in their Easter basket!

So many different blind bags and mystery figures that will fit in eggs but they can be expensive.

Bunnies that fit in Easter eggs on Etsy

We also like handmade items, which can be pricey too but there are some really cute things like these handmade bunnies that can fit in on Etsy.

I will keep this list updated if I find anything awesome in the next few weeks before Easter Sunday, Atheist Thursday or any parties and playdates that will need some good toys that fit in eggs for an egg hunt.

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW if you make small toys that fit inside Easter eggs or you have some we need to add to the list so we don't miss anything!

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