Monday, November 26, 2018

New PayPal Cash in and Cash out Money Services at a Place You Probably Already Go

Thank you PayPal and Walmart for sponsoring this post. Introducing PayPal cash in and cash out money services, the financial services alternative which allows you to manage your PayPal account and cash flow needs on your own terms!

I've been using PayPal for many years but I've never actually found an easy way to put actual cash into it or get any out. My account has mainly been used to receive or make payments, make purchases, or money is moved to other accounts where I'd have to go out of my way to go and get the actual cash. Our family has one car and use bicycles so extra trips around town can be highly inconvenient. But now, there is a new way to get cash in or out and it happens to be a place I already go! Introducing PayPal cash in and cash out money services exclusively at Walmart stores.

It was perfect timing to test this out because I had a tight window to buy some fruit for a little get together, and I needed $20.

I was able to pay for my watermelon and pineapple and then get my cash right at the register using the PayPal app!

It used to be a pain to access the cash or reload my account but now the cash in and cash out money services are right in the same store where we can also buy our groceries, socks and underwear.

This is a little bit of a game changer for me because for one, I'm pretty sure that this was the first time that I held real currency from PayPal in my actual hand.

Plus, we can load up the PayPal account with cash right at the Walmart checkout. This will come in handy if I need to make a purchase online using PayPal and I don't want to wait for it transfer.

I saved a good chunk of time by getting my cash and fruit in one place which is great because my three year old likes to help by eating all the ingredients when I'm not looking.

We had just enough time to get our fruit plate together!

Here's how easy it is to get cash in or out of a PayPal account at a Walmart register or Service desk. 

How to withdraw money from your PayPal account at Walmart register with the PayPal App:
1. In the More section choose Get Cash
2. Enter the amount, review the details, and generate the code
3. Show the code to a cashier at Walmart and get your cash!

How to load money into your PayPal account at Walmart register with the PayPal App:

1. In the More section select Add Cash
2. Select Walmart, review the details, and generate the code
3. Show the code to a cashier, give them the cash and the money is sent directly to your PayPal account.

Other Details:
US locations only
The cost is $3 per transaction.
You can add or withdraw any amount between $20 - $500 per transaction.
You can use the PayPal App OR PayPal Cash Mastercard
You can make your PayPal transaction at a register that has a checkout clerk, at the ATM, or at Money Services or Service Desk locations.
Learn more and get more details here.

Will this be a game changer for you? Next time you want to get some cash into you PayPal or into your hands from your PayPal, check this out and let me know what you think. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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