Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wonder Forge Big Money Game Review

Here's another great game sent to us by Wonder Forge called Big Money. This one is meant for ages 8 and up, but our almost 7 year old played it and loved it. It is for 2 to 5 players and it includes rolling dice, a game board, cards, and play money in denominations of zillions.

As usual, Wonder Forge produced a good quality game. It moves quickly as players get up to three rolls to earn payouts, bonuses, and decide what to purchase stock or real estate unless you are hit with a biz news card which could diminish your fortune at any time. The game ends when the money runs out!

It seems a little complicated at first because there are a few different things that happen on each turn, but once we played one round it was clear what the object is. My son caught on right away and played it a second time with his dad the next day. 

This game involves strategy and math skills, lasts about 20 minutes. We all thought it was a lot of fun and would recommend it.

Why we like Wonder Forge:

Wonder Forge games are unique, challenging, and fun. We've played many of their games and they are well-made, the boxes are sturdy and the themes are engaging and fun. They pay attention to the environment and have earned a "Smaller Footprint" stamp meaning that it is made with at least 90% post consumer recycled waste, using resources from sustainable forests, and eliminating unnecessary plastic.

Search over at Wonder Forge to find retailers that stock this new game...

Also, Giveaway will be coming really soon for this and another cute game for ages 8 and up!

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