Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Wonder Forge "Ya Blew It" Game Review

Wonder Forge provided us with one of their latest games to share our thoughts with you AND we are about to start another giveaway that will include this and another one of their games for the ages 8 and up. This game is called "Ya Blew It"it comes in a canister that is shaped like a stick of dynamite, and the we thought it was a lot of fun.

About Ya Blew It:
for Ages 8 and up
2 to 6 players 
Games last about 20 minutes

Once inside the unique packaging, you will find 6 Dynamite Dice, a prospector marker, and cards. 

Collect sets of Gems and avoid taking Gems of your Cursed Colors

What we thought:

Our son is actually only seven years old and he was able to play. We even had our 3.5 year old join us and were able to help her through. Everyone really likes rolling the Dynamite die. They also really liked the idea that players take turns being the prospector and overturning cards with the gems everyone is trying to collect. Then everyone gets a turn to choose whether or not they want to try to win it. 

The game moves quickly and is exciting with a couple of curve balls thrown in here and there via cards like Safe and Claim Jumper. Players get to think critically about what they want to do on each turn while weighing the possible outcomes, doing math, and using strategy. We all had a lot of fun with this game.

Why we like Wonder Forge:

Wonder Forge games are unique, challenging, and fun. We've played many of their games and they are well-made, the boxes are sturdy and the themes are engaging and fun. They pay attention to the environment and have earned a "Smaller Footprint" stamp meaning that it is made with at least 90% post consumer recycled waste, using resources from sustainable forests, and eliminating unnecessary plastic.

If you think this game looks fun, you can buy it on Amazon.com - Wonder Forge Ya Blew It! Board Game or select stores where games are sold.

Giveaway will be coming soooooon!!!!

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