Tuesday, January 14, 2020

3 Home Security Tips for an Eco-Friendly Home

Home security is crucial, but it still doesn’t have to sacrifice the environment. There are ways to reduce your carbon footprint in the actions you take to protect your home and your family members against threats like an intrusion, burglary or a natural disaster. While effective home security systems will always rely on technology and the energy that powers it, here are three ways of securing your home with great equipment without raising your home’s energy expenditure.

1. Motion-Activated Outdoor Lighting

It’s important for security reasons to have sufficient outdoor lighting around your home. This is a major deterrent for criminals, who risk being seen under the lighting before they even get to a home’s door or window for entry. Of course, all this lighting requires a lot of power, especially if the perimeter of your home is large. Motion-activated lighting only turns on when the device detects motion. This way, it saves electricity whenever there’s no real threat, false alarm or genuine use of the lighting outside your home.

On another note about lighting, be sure all your bulbs are LED bulbs since they require less energy expenditure. Also, outdoor lights are the easiest to power at night with solar energy collected throughout the day.

2. Motion-Activated Security Camera System

Having security cameras in place is important for any home security system because criminals are deterred from the sight of them outside your home. In case of an intrusion, having security cameras pointed at the entry points can capture images or footage for police. Motion-activated outdoor lighting can be achieved when you combine your lighting with the wire-free home security camera system from Lorex. This system features cutting-edge capabilities, and it saves energy by only turning on and using its infrared night-vision technology when motion is detected.

3. Get Blast-Resistant Windows Installed

Blast-resistant windows can keep your home safe from forced entry and even natural disasters while being eco-friendly because glass can be recycled again and again. They can also eliminate the need for window sensors that bombard you with false alarms.

Blast-resistant windows are built to last a long time, so you only have to purchase them once. While they’re expensive, they keep you safe while allowing you a beautiful view of the outdoors, along with plenty of natural light. In the event of a natural disaster or even if a heavy storm causes a tree branch to fall, the windows of your home can’t be broken.
Home Security Can Be Eco-Friendly

Home security companies are striving to hum a more eco-friendly tune as more and more homes adapt to the need for better energy efficiency. The environment and your personal safety are both important, and thankfully, they can coexist in your home. It comes down to choosing better technology and selecting structural and architectural elements for your home that make it both eco-friendly and safer for your family.

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