Wednesday, January 8, 2020

4 Holistic Ways to Take Care of Your Body During Recovery

Recovery is different to all of us; no human being is the same and what works for one may not have the same impact for someone else. What does this mean, then? Well, it means we need to be careful and treat our body with the utmost of care when recovering from an illness or accident.
Whether it’s a small issue like muscle soreness from a workout, you’re recovering from a cold or needing time off to recuperate from an injury, here are a few holistic ways that may help you heal.

1.    Flush your body from toxins

We’ve all heard the phrase “I’m detoxing,” and while it may seem like a buzzword for the health industry, if done properly, detoxing and ridding your body from toxins can be beneficial.
How can you do it properly?
Well, you will want to remain hydrated throughout the whole detox. Do this by drinking plenty of clear liquids – stay away from fizzy drinks like soda but also coffee and tea. For a quick detox/hydration method, Reset IV in LA is an at-home service where you can have an IV that’s mixed with fluid, medication and all the right nutrients. This is perfect if you have the flu.
Other ways to flush your body from toxins include reducing/excluding alcohol, sleeping more, avoiding processed and high sugar foods, and eating antioxidant-rich foods instead.

2.    Realize the power of nutrition

What we fuel our bodies with can help or hinder our recovery rates, as well as our general physical and mental health. Junk food that is full of processed fats and sugar can cause depression but also weight gain and lack the proper nutrients we need to thrive.
Swap out the processed food for homecooked meals that’s brimming with fresh vegetables and fruit. Broccoli, kiwi and strawberries help support your immune system, protecting from potential threats like bugs. Your diet should also contain protein-rich foods like spinach, nuts, whole grains, chicken and fish, as protein helps repair muscle.
Reduce any inflammation by adding ginger and turmeric to your diet (this can be added drinks and food), and be sure to ingest enough vitamin C.

3.    Try acupuncture

The art of acupuncture has been around for more than 3,000 years and has been popular amongst many cultures and countries. What are the benefits?
It has been said that acupuncture can relieve pain due to the needles stimulating the sensory nerves beneath the skin and in the muscles. It can also reduce the feeling of stress because of the reduction in NPY levels, as well as reduce anxiety.

4.    Aromatherapy as a holistic treatment

Aromatherapy is the holistic treatment where your body and mind heal through the use of natural plant extracts. You are more likely to recognize aromatherapy as its other name, essential oil therapy.
While aromatherapy is documented by ancient cultures in India, Egypt, and China, for thousands of years, it is only recently that aromatherapy has become more recognized in science and medicine.

Aromatherapy can be done by using:
·        Diffusers
·        Inhalers
·        Bathing salts
·        Facial steamers
·        Aromatic spritzers

It is through our sense of smell and how our skin absorbs the aroma that we start to feel better, helping us manage pain, reduce stress, anxiety and agitation, as well as treat migraines and fight off bacteria, fungus or a virus. 

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