Tuesday, November 8, 2022

The Champions of Magic was a Great Show Review

I was lucky enough to receive tickets to the Champions of Magic Show on my BIRTHDAY this year. I brought my family we had dinner first at one of the most delicious vegan restaurants in San Diego - Donna Jean first. Then we got to check out this amazing show. My kids are 7 and 10 and they absolutely loved it. My older friend in his early 20s joined us and had a great time as well!

This show has a cast of 5 magicians all with different styles of magic. On magician had a lot of mind reading tricks, another did some daring escapes, there was a comedic duo and they all performed really exciting tricks.

We were happy to know they do not use any animals in the show and part of the humor in one of the magicians acts was a person dressed up as a lazy tiger in a parody of a Seigfried and Roy style Las Vegas show which had us all laughing. The death defying escapes had us all at the edge of our seats. 

This was a really fun night out and something really exciting and different to do with the kids. We were all really impressed with the magic and stage show and would definitely recommend checking them out for a night out on the town with the kids or a date night too! We all loved it!

Visit https://www.championsofmagic.co.uk/tour.html #magic

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