Sunday, March 12, 2023

Our Cute Easter Veggie Platters and Food

I had a lot a fun making veggie platters for the kids playgroup parties and family gatherings when the kids were just babies and toddlers and my friends were all stay at home / part time worker moms / work at home moms. This blog was my work so I always felt like I could spend the extra time and money making these veggie platters and it was a win win because I could share it with all of you! 

Since it has been a while, I thought this would be a good time to come back to it and bring my entire collection together of  is my cute easter veggie platters that I made over the years with links to all of posts and instructions to make them! I made a bunny veggie platter, a chick, and even challenged myself to make a lamb. Check them all out :)

This is the first Bunny Veggie Platter I made. There is an EASIER version down below haha. I was being a perfectionist and actually sculpting the bunny out of the cauliflower florets for the look I wanted. The trick is to really do a good job selecting the cauliflower in the store and pick one that already seems to have a "face".

The was the EASY one. You just have to be lucky enough to find the yellow cauliflower but it seems to be a thing these days so I would grab it if you see it and you can make one of these! I decided to get fancy and make tulips out of carrot sticks and peppers on the side and that worked out really well too!

The Veggie Lamb Platter one is possibly the most difficult one to make. I had to get creative to get the right shapes for the face and ears but I show step by step instructions.

Here is another bunny I made. I was a little more forgiving about the face so it was a lot easier and faster. And I didn't have black olives so we got a slightly different shocked look lol. I made a massive bowl of delicious dip to go with as usual and everyone loved it!

I was living in Japan and the only vegan cheese I could find in a store was actually one of the most delicious I have ever tried. I was lucky I already knew how to make my own vegan cheese because when I first went vegan there really wasn't much in stores in the states either. I came up with this somewhat sliceable cheese recipe so I could make something cute for the kiddos for Easter.

Maybe I'll feel like making something new this year! We will see! 

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