Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Helen Woodward Animal Center Tour

On day 5 of our #kidcousinsjetsetvacay found us at the Helen Woodward Animal Center in Rancho Sante Fe, this morning with our playgroup, where we got to meet and learn about some animals.

They have a nice education department and you are able to schedule a tour for your playgroup, school group, or whatever. It is only $8 a kid and a $50 minimum (not sure if it is refundable) deposit to book. I think it was worth it to do something a little different and I've heard a lot of great things about the sanctuary so I wanted to check it out.

First we got to see the chicken coop.

I thought it was so funny how the chicken happily pecked a snack out of each kids hand.

The little guy and his cousin loved feeding her!

The woman asked the kids what their mommies buy from chickens and I said "nothing" ha ha. I hope it will be that way, some day. I avoid eggs and don't eat chicken, but the hubby is still bent on eating eggs here and there. Thank goodness he doesn't bother with meat or chicken! It was nice meeting the feathered ladies, today. They were very sweet and great with the kids!

The kids also got to pet a sheep and a pony.

Then we all filed into a classroom and met a sweet bunny rabbit. This was a lovely experience for the children to see how gently these farm animals can be. Maybe they will think about this when they are asked to eat chicken or lamb and I wonder what they will do with that correlation?

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