Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Tiger Trail and Belgian Waffle Discovery at the San Diego Safari Park

Got to check out the new Tiger Trail at the San Diego Safari Park, today. We are on a staycation/vacation this month with our 9 year old niece, jetsetting around SoCal and hopping around to some other cities, having family visiting and going to see family and friends.

The Safari Park was on the to do list because we have been waiting what seems like forever to see this new area that they've been working on to house Sumatran tigers. It was a really amazing expansion and beautiful habitats for the tigers. There are 3 separate enclosures, filled with lush jungle landscaping, and of course tigers. There's also a play area, a large, covered retail and food pavilion, a picnic area.

It was really neat to be able to get that close to the tigers. They are not huge, compared to Bengal tigers, but beautiful, almost magical. It is no wonder they are critically endangered in the wild.

One of the highlights of our day was finding that they make belgian waffles with various toppings at the Kalahari Cupboard in Nairobi Village. They will even put some ice cream on the waffle. What a treat for the kiddos!

Still too short to get his little face in the bat photo!

We are really enjoying our Diamond Membership. It gets the member +1 into the park, so the cousin was free, as is the child under 3. Also, free parking is what makes this membership the best deal! It gets hot there, in the summer, so we may not visit again until the fall, but we really love it here, so we will see.

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