Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Review - Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope

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My little guy is just about 3 years old and he is very much into science. He loves going to the Children's Museum and his absolute favorite thing there was looking at bugs preserved in clear plastic squares in their microscope. Well, the last time we went there, all the plastic squares were all gone. My guess is that they were lost or stolen, but he kept looking and asking. I am not kidding you, that 2 days prior to receiving this item for review, we purchased one for his birthday. It is now going to be a gift for his buddy's birthday, instead!

Well, this week we got to try out the Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope so my little guy could collect his own things to examine at home! This microscope is meant for pre-schoolers like him. It is an 8x zoom, with two eyepieces, a light, a chunky adjustment knob to raise and lower the lens, and it has little rubber dots on the bottom to prevent skidding on a slick surface.

It is a good idea to read the directions while Mommy searches for 3AAA batteries which are required for the light...

Then it was time to hunt for things to look at, so we headed outside. Of course bugs were first on the list. We found two dead bees which this kid had the pleasure of picking up.

We also grabbed a seashell from the garden to look at.

The microscope is easy to use and easy to operate. My son had no problem looking through the eyepiece, raising and lowering the unit with the knob, or turning the light on and off. 

He easily understood the concept and enjoyed examining his specimens. 

We had to go outside and find a bunch more stuff to look at and enlist Grammy to save interesting insects that she finds in the pool when it's too late. Otherwise, they get rescued!!!

This is a great little microscope to get a closer look at all the fascinating things in the world around you.

It doesn't have to be just nature. Grandpa gave the little guy some foreign coins with dragons on them to look at a little later on. It makes so happy that he is as fascinated and inquisitive with nature as he is with cars, trucks and dragons.

The possibilities are endless with things to look at!

As you can see, my son had a great time and had a lot of fun collecting and investigating everything in the Geosafari Jr My First Microscope. The price is very reasonable on this toy, so it makes a great gift, too!

You can buy the Geosafari Jr. My First Microscope on or major toy retailers.

* I received the toy to facilitate this review, however all thoughts, opinions, bugs, seashells, and flowers are our own.

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