Sunday, October 19, 2014

Attention Bloggers - Mommy LOVES Money $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Attention Bloggers - Who wants to help me give away a $100 Amazon Gift Card?

This is for a $100+ Amazon Gift Card Giveaway - Amazon is just like money to me! US Only

I'm hosting this giveaway to give bloggers their last chance to get Facebook likes in before the ban goes into effect. Depending on the number of bloggers, the prize may go up. There is no sponsor, just myself and you guys! All cash collected goes toward giveaway, so hopefully we get a good prize pool and a lot of LIKES!!!

TO REALLY make this work for all of us and MAX out the potential to grow our Facebook followings...

I'm looking for bloggers that CARE to PROMOTE this giveaway on Facebook and Twitter 4x plus per week. I will also share your links with our group so we can LIKE each others pages and hopefully take a moment here and there to LOOK for each other's giveaway posts and LIKE them, too! The #MommyLovesMoney hashtag will help with that.

The giveaway will go live earliest Tues 12/21 12:01 AM Pacific time and end 11/4 11:59PM Pacific Time. It will go live once we have enough sign ups.

Facebook link is $5
Additional links are $3 (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
Daily Blog Post Comment $3
Daily Facebook Post or Page Comment $3 (you can purchase either or both)
Secret Word Page $3


If you want to Co-Host the event, for $10 I'm offering a backlink, 4 links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or???), and YOUR choice of one: Secret Word page, Daily Blog Comment, or Daily Facebook Page Comment.

Sign up HERE

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