Monday, October 20, 2014

Getting In Shape and Healthy with Sprint Fit Live, Phones, Accessories, and Apps

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I always try to stay in shape, but it is getting harder and harder as I try to take care of an almost 3 year old, my husband, pets, home, and of course keep this blog going. Now that I'm pregnant with our second, the procrastination level and excuses are at an all time high. Well I think I got all of the encouragement and incentive I needed when I attended the Sprint Fitness Event up in LA last week!

The event was showcasing Sprint products and their accessories, apps, and partnerships to promote the user's health and fitness. I was fortunate enough to win a raffle at the end of the presentation and came home with a beautiful new Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, just in time for my birthday!

The Sprint Galaxy S5 Sport comes in either Electric Blue or Cherry Red and has a textured case that won't slip out of sweaty hands when your working out.


It is also water (and of course sweat) resistant. 

What also makes the Sport different from the standard S5 is the hard buttons to make it easier to operate while working out, the FREE year of MapMyFitness MVP from UnderArmor, FREE Sprint Fit Live, FREE 3 or 6 months of Spotify Premium (for the necessary workout playlists), and $50 off Gear Fit offer.

Sprint Fit Live is the centralized fitness package that can be on your lock screen, wallpaper, or full screen and keeps all your favorite fitness apps, content, and information handy, including Spotify, MapMyFitness, and anything else you want to personalize your training with. Can you imagine waking up to this on your phone every day? It makes it a little more likely that you'll remember to be healthy and active.


The MapMyFitness app enables customizable coaching, training, monitoring of physical activity, route traveled, foods you eat, diet, calories burned, and progress. Best of all, it can work in sync with the Samsung Gearfit on your wrist. I love how you can check calories on all of your food. Then you click "Ate It" to log the info. I even like it being pregnant and making sure I eat enough!

The Samsung Gearfit was also showcased at this event because of its full integration with the Samsung Galaxy S5. It features the first ever built in heart rate monitor, which we got to try. I got to see my heart rate go up when I volunteered to participate in a little running in place with the athletic and ultra-fit personal trainer Nathanial Gosselin.


There were other bloggers at this event. You will most likely be able to find pictures of my pregnant and not as fit self attempting to exercise in front of a group of other bloggers, but I suppose it just makes me a good sport, and proof that a somewhat non-tech savvy and far from athletic pregnant momma can use this thing!

With the Gearfit comfortably on my wrist, I could track my steps, operate the music playlists, check emails, check and respond to texts with pre-loaded messages, hold or take calls, all while my phone is tucked in my pocket or an armband.

I'm gearing up to walk the dog and push a DOUBLE jogger next summer. The Gearfit could enhance the experience so stay tuned in the next year because this could get really interesting. Now if only it could keep me from running over the dog and keep TWO kids happy, but I guess I have to find other technology for that...

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