Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review - GeoSafari Jr Underwater Explorer Boat

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This week we got the chance to review the Educational Insights Underwater Explorer Boat. My little guy loves boats, so he was really interested in this unique looking vehicle. It is not your average boat, but a "glass" bottom boat with a 3x magnification circle in the transparent bottom which is designed to eliminate surface glare. This enables kids to see things which are under the boat very clearly in the water with a little magnification, too.

We decided to take our boat into the bath. My son really enjoyed floating it around. We have some toys that do not float, including a little frog that we could examine under the magnifying lens. The little guy thought that was pretty awesome. I think his favorite part of this boat was the life preserver. He rescued all of his toys from the bathtub with it.

The Underwater Explorer Boat would be a great toy for taking to the beach or a river, lake, or stream that kids can get into. I'm thinking that would be great with our RV toys. We will probably also take this to Grandma's and Grandpa's pool and it would be loads of fun in the kiddie pool or a water table. For now, we are having a great time with the boat in our bathtub.

This little boat is very inexpensive and would be a great little gift for a little junior explorer. I love the educational aspect of the magnifying glass and can't wait to find new places we can play with it in the summer. 

You can pick this toy up on or select fine toy stores.


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