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Using Disney Gift Cards at the Disney Parks to Save on Passes, Tickets, and MORE

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If you have a handful of Disney Gift Cards, can you walk up to the Disneyland or Disney World ticket booth and use them to pay? YES!!! Not only can you use Disney Gift Cards on Tickets and Passes, but you can use them in the parks for shopping, eating, and for hotels, too. The greatest thing of all? You can buy these cards at a discount!

I'm always looking for ways to save money and still take full advantage of all the attractions that Southern California has to offer. While our kids are little, and my husband has plenty of vacation time accrued, we want to enjoy season passes to just about everything, including the ultimate theme park right in our backyard. Disneyland - the pinnacle of entertainment, the happiest place on earth, and the most expensive pass around - but can you really get a discount on passes and tickets? Most people say "no." I beg to differ.

I have a couple ways to shave dollars off the passes you are buying and what level of access you choose!

The EASIest way to save 5%:
Buy gift cards at Target or with your Target RedCard . All RedCard purchases are 5% off. Gift cards can be used to buy passes at the ticket booth or online. Over the holidays, last year, there was a special promotion where Target gift cards were 10% off and I bought the max online - $300, then popped into my local Target store and used them to buy Disney Gift Cards on my way to the park. I used 6 $50 gift cards to put the deposit down on two season passes for hubby and I! This saved me $30.

They allow you to use as many gift cards as you want at the ticket booths, and the prices are the same as online, so if you are using multiple gift cards, you must bring them there. Online only lets you use 1 gift card and one other form of payment, and only 3 can be used by phone.

Discounted Disney Gift Cards at Sam's Club
Sam's Club Disney Gift Cards are $142.98 for $150.00. I know, not a huge savings, but for some of us, every little bit counts.

Disney Chase Visa Credit Card
I personally have the Disney Rewards Visa. There is also a Disney Premier Visa. Both cards have rewards, discounts, and benefits from your spending and at the parks. I personally do not use the cards because we have to spend a certain amount on our Amex each year to maintain my husband's Diamond airline status and we barely make it! He flies so much and we need to do this for his health and sanity but check out all the benefits for these cards and see if this is a good card for you.

A tricky but perfectly legit way to save 12.5%, possibly more!
I'm saying up to 12.5% because this is the most I've actually saved this way. People list Disney Gift Cards at I set an alert and I buy when the savings is high. They go FAST. I act fast. Plus, they often have coupon codes you can use.

Currently, for $5 off $75 you can use promo code: RAISE75AF 
for an even bigger savings on Raise.

You can also buy a Target Gift Card on iconfor a nice discount and then go to Target OR use it online to buy Disney Gift Cards.

*PLEASE READ* The tricky part:
- Make sure it is not a DISNEY STORE gift card, but a Disney Gift Cards at (use my link to go to the correct page).
- The Disney and Target e-gift cards can only be used online.
- The Disney e-gift cards can be used to buy tickets (not season passes) online only.
- The Target e-gift cards can only be used online.
- Disney PHYSICAL Gift Cards are NOT always in stock online at Check that they are available if you want to use a Target e-gift card to purchase Disney physical gift cards at
- Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Parks will only permit redemption of 3 Gift Cards by phone and only 1 online. You can use unlimited gift cards at their ticket booths.

*** SUPER-DISCLAIMER*** - I CANNOT guarantee that all of these deal scenarios will work after the time this post is published. Although I have used some of these deals to purchase tickets and/or passes, some of the processes can be complicated, some of the items are not always in stock, and rules and deals from the various companies may change at any time. BEST OF LUCK getting a good deal and enjoying your Disneyland trip!!!


  1. I will certainly have to keep this in mind when I finally (if it ever happens) go to Disney! It would really help with saving some money!

  2. here in ohio, when you buy giftcards, disney included, at Giant Eagle stores, they reward you with fuel perks, which gives you big discounts on gas!

  3. Wow I want to visit Disney so bad! Last time I was there, I was about 6 years old.

  4. i want to go to to disneyland in september! will save the web to remember those advices!

  5. I love this idea! Even saving a few dollars from Sams Club would be worth it!


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