Friday, March 27, 2015

Sharing Small Socks are a Big Deal

Just recently, my son remarked that he didn't have any colored socks. Mommy and Daddy had all kinds of cute and fun socks, and he only had boring white. That is why I was so excited for him to try out Sharing Small and their colorful sock subscription service.

Sharing Small is a Vancouver-based sock subscription service for kids aged 2-12 years. The child receives two pairs of socks once per month. The socks have two explorers engaging in a different adventure or activity every month. The socks package also includes a fun letter, a color poster and a monthly sticker.

A child in need gets socks for every pair shipped!

I think my favorite part of Sharing Small is that for every pair of socks they ship, they also donate a pair to a child in need. I also love that they are 75% combed cotton.

My son was so excited to receive mail and could not wait to put on his new socks.It was so cute what a big deal a couple little colorful socks were for the little guy.

I had fun mixing a colorful pair of socks with my little guys outfit. They are really nice quality socks and the colors and design are so cute!

I love this cool sock subscription! It definitely made my son feel special. Also, remember that you guys are also helping kids in need for every pair sent.

Right now, the Sharing Small sock subscription is only $10 per month.

Check out Sharing Small and start a subscription for someone you love now!

We received 1 month subscription to Sharing Small in exchange for our honest review, however all thoughts opinions, and now these socks are our own.

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  1. This is a fantastic subscription service idea! One that I will have to seriously consider! I have to admit I love funky, cute socks. Also, I read something one time that has stuck with me. There was a list of donations shelters look for that people may not think to give and new socks were on that list. It was followed by a quote from a homeless person where they stated a new pair of socks was the best thing sometimes to receive despite how simple it seemed. They were something clean and warm that they could claim were their own. Something to definitely think about when putting on socks and that this donates socks to a child in need is just awesome!


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