Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vegan Treats and What is Going in Our Easter Baskets 2015

Sweet and Sara is where I get my vegan marshmallow "peeps" and they always have a lot of other seasonal and their usual treats that I fill my order with for Easter. This year, I'm getting Peeps, a chocolate marshmallow bunny (also vegan), rice crispy treats, vegan smores, vegan peanut butter smores, mixed marshmallows, and graham crackers with chocolate and strawberry pieces.

My Sweet and Sara order!!!

Then, one of my favorite vegan bakeries, Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA posted their Ultimate Lucky Bunny treats on Instagram and I'm going to guarantee our excessive amount of chocolate consumed in this house for the next few weeks with one of those.

My Vegan Treats delivery.

Other than my dedadent Sweet and Sara order, and my overly indulgent Vegan Treats purchase, I'm going to get some LEGO Minifigs!

LEGO Series 13 Minifigs are great for going in Easter eggs, or in the basket. I have larger eggs the packs could probably go in, or I suppose I could pop a hole in the bags and get some of the air out to make them fit in a plastic egg...

There may be more... I don't think I'm really done, yet.  I really do love making an Easter basket!


  1. Legos are sure what can't be missed from the Easter baskets in my house!

  2. definitely going gift the vegan treats basket to family. looks amazing

  3. bundle of cuteness


Thanks for the comment!

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