Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wedding Season is HERE - Shop Modcloth Wedding Styles with a Vintage Look

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Wedding season is upon us and if you are invited to a wedding or special event in the next few months, you may want to check out ModCloth. They have absolutely beautiful and unique, vintage style dresses that are perfect for sophisticated garden parties or extravagant ballroom affairs. This weekend, I shopped their site and picked out some of my favorite wedding attire looks.

Twinkling Twilight Dress in Champagne

How gorgeous is the Twinkling Twilight Dress?! AND these shoes, which are also featured on Modcloth would match perfectly! Four Seasons or Beverly Hills Hotel, here I come!!!

Glitz All for You Heel in Beige are the perfect shoes to go with the Twinkling Twilight Dress above!

Here is another dress I LOVE...

Beyond the Call of Beauty By Chi Chi London

The Beyond the Call of Beauty dress would look amazing on a curvy girl, but it would also give a skinny girl an hourglass shape. That's what is so amazing about these A-line dresses. I'm curvy and I have to make sure to accentuate my waist. I don't have a booty to match my bustline, but with a flared A-line dress, you will never know!

And now, some shoes to die for to go along with this dress... YES!

Kick It Up a Posh Heel in Noir

Finally, another detailed dress is the most gorgeous silvery blue-grey...

Falling in Lovely Dress

... and of course Modcloth has shoes that are practically made to match. I'm dying right now...

Frost That Lovin’ Feelin’ Heel

Don't forget to scoop up a necklace, earrings, or a headband to complete the look! Modcloth has a ton of accessories, too. They are truly a one stop shop for a special occasion.

Grace for the Prize Headband

Modcloth has dresses in unusual cuts and fabrics, and vintage looks that will be just perfect for a special event. These are just a few of my picks, but there are tons more beautiful garments to browse. They even have white lacy A-line dresses I could see for a bride!

Check out all of the Modcloth Wedding Styles on their site.


  1. i love the dresses so beautiful and the soes

  2. These are nice. They are a little more modest than what woman usually wear now at their weddings.

  3. I love this style.I can't wait until one of my daughters get married, so I can help with a beautiful wedding dress.

  4. Beyond the Call of Beauty By Chi Chi London is definitely my obsession from now. So lovely!

  5. I love the Beyond the Call of Beauty Dress By Chi Chi London, my sister has her wedding at the end of the year and I really was not sure what style to choose but this one is just what I would be looking for. I'm curvy so an A Line dress is perfect for my figure and so flattering, this is so classy perfect for any wedding.


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