Sunday, June 21, 2015

Stylish Board Shorts for Our Beach Hunks at Bonobos Summer Shop

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Bonobos is at it again! They have a full line of attractive swimwear for guys in several different lengths. Their 9" board shorts are what I would get for my hunky hubby. He always likes the longer length, probably because we are Generation Xers and have that skate punk thing going down deep inside... or maybe it's the hairy legs!

They have some really hip patterns, prints, and even American Flag board shorts. Pool party on the 4th? Snap these up now!

Bonobos board shorts are functional, versatile, and quick-drying and these have giraffes. 

These awesome Giraffe print are their 7" board shorts and trunks which are perfect for those who prefer their swimsuit to go a bit above the knee.

Bonobos Summer Shop is also sporting some vintage-inspired 5" short which they call a Laguna Board Short. We brunch up in Laguna once in a while and I've seen even the straight guys wearing these, there. So totally in, and I would LOVE to see Hubby in them and I know, I know (I should know after that men's underwear post a while back...) that you would love to see him wearing these shorts too, but no.


  1. nice looking swimsuits for men!

  2. these are sexy !:) I want these for my hubby!!! xoxoxox


Thanks for the comment!

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