Monday, October 5, 2015

Our Cute and Creepy Food Halloween Round-up

I'm sure you guys have clicked on a recipe round-up before. I know I have. I love seeing everyone's Pinterest juices flowing freely and it is nice to see a bunch of them all gathered up in one easy post.

This is why I decided to pull together my Halloween cute food recipes to make it that much easier to find all the fun things we've made for one of our favorite holidays. That's also what makes this round up a little different... all the photos and recipes are my own! What will I come up with THIS year? You'll have to keep coming around to find out...

The Ghost Veggie Platter is a really simple one to put together. The only weird thing you need is the Nori (seaweed) for the face. 

Many of these recipes contain dairy products. I encourage you to substitute non-dairy cheeses and dips for these recipes to be sure that no animals were harmed in making something cute to eat.

I think I made the biggest impact with my Scary Lasagna. It looks completely gross but it is ridiculously popular on Pinterest. I am thinking of doing one with vegan cheese when I get a chance which for most people, will be even scarier!

The Skull Veggie Platter was probably one of the most difficult veggie platter sculptures I've ever put together. If you have decent sculpture skills, a lot of patience and enjoy a challenge or even a good Pinterest Fail, they go for it. If you want a safe bet, make a Veggie Ghost.

The Spider Cheese and cracker appetizer was another time-consuming creation. I pretty much made just one per person at my party but they are quite the conversation pieces!

The Voodoo Lasagna is another concept I came up with on creepy lasagna night. There really is so much more you can do with lasagna besides just eating it.

These cute little Pumpkin Cheese and Cracker Appetizers were a huge hit and are going to look really great with my orange cashew and sun dried tomato cheese. These are much easier to make than the spiders but just as fun!


  1. Such great ideas. I can't wait to try some of these out. The lasagna is so cute. Thank you so much for sharing

  2. These are super cute ideas for a Halloween get together thanks for sharing this with us

  3. oh my gosh this is amazing. i always want inspiration for themed parties. thanks

  4. Awesome ideas, love the ghost platter! Thanks for sharing!


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