Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Rockabye Rockers Review

We are always up to test out a good quality toy for little kids. Even better when it is made in the USA. This week we had the pleasure of selecting animal rocking toys for our little kids and ended up reviewing two plush and wooden, musical dragon rockers which are made in America by Rockabye. Sometimes these kids are the luckiest two in the world! 

*We received both Poof and Puff rockers from Rockabye in order to create this review and I may receive a commission if you click on of my links and make a purchase.

Remember your special rocking horse?

I had a special rocking horse when I was a baby so it was impossible to pass up an opportunity to review an unusual rocker that is perfect for my two year old (and still snuggly and attractive for my 5 year old). These are a special item that grows up with you and makes memories.

If you follow us, you know we have a thing for toys, but we are quite particular about the kinds of toys we purchase, play with, give space to in our house. We prefer to play with toys that are well-made from companies with excellent reputations for quality. 

Rockabye is a relatively small 12-year-old company that has managed to become the largest rocker maker in the world. With high standards, American made quality and only the best materials like American maple hardwood and water based lacquer they make sure their products are not only safe for babies, but beautiful, tactile, fun, and engaging.

With their luxurious, ultra-soft fabrics sourced from around the world, Rockabye rockers have what their designers call "huggability". This was the cuddling and lounging that I must have witnessed with my 5 year old...

and with my 2 year old but completely perplexing to Lu.

Perhaps he is a little old to be on a rocker but he is particularly fond of the concept of "training a dragon" from the movies and series that it sparks a bit of imaginative play. The rockers are sized for a 1 to 3 year old but there's a good chance they'll stick around longer.

The 2 year old was enamored with her snuggly lavender "Puff". She enjoys rocking on her cute dragon whenever the mood strikes her and can also be found lounging on or near her new friend while watching movies or munching on a snack.

Rockabye sells a variety of different animals, fantasy creatures, cars, boats, that would go so beautifully in so many of the current nursery styles and decor. Pirate ships, owls, alligators, unicorns, baby deer, and jungle animals which are all so popular right now for decorating themes are all represented in these colorful and cute rockers.

They look great in the nursery but we love the idea of matching them to your family room as part of the cozy, family vibe like ours.

These rockers are exactly the kind of heirloom quality gift I bet one of the kids' grandmothers (one of them is an actual toy collector) would have liked to buy  for them.

Each of the Rockabye Rockers has 4 songs that play when you touch one of the shapes. Both of my children were really attracted to the Colors of the Rainbow song and will have a rock-off from time to time.

You can purchase the Rockabye rockers on their site OR you can find them on Amazon where they can even go on your baby registry!

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