Friday, August 18, 2017

The Best Tissues for School

My husband and I are first time (working) Kindergarten parents so we are complete amateurs at navigating the supply lists. Tissues are on the list. There are SO many tissues on the market! Which are the best tissues to bring to school? Which are the best tissues to buy for the school? Well guess what we found out...

This post was sponsored by Kleenex. We were provided tissues to mop up our Back-to-School tears for this post.

We got a variety of Kleenex products for school and some thoughts on each:

Kleenex boxes

The traditional cube-shaped 4 bundled pack of 75-3 ply Ultra Soft in pretty colors. They are pretty fluffy and compact. They're great little destop cold-catchers.

Kleenex Multicare

There is also the larger box of Kleenex Multicare which are LARGER tissues. I'm going to guess these would be good on top of the teacher's desk for extra-specialized purposes that we can only imagine.

Kleenex Go-Anywhere Pack

Then the Go-Anywhere pack has a neat little ribbon with a button so you can clip it anywhere you can loop it around. It is a great idea to clip Go-Anywhere pack to your child's backpack or a key ring inside. This way they can easily grab a tissue with zero-patience and that may be the ultimate key to not spreading germs.

These are all great tissues for schools not to mention pretty cool inventions to encourage our little ones to stop using their sleeves. Schools need a steady flow of tissues no matter what type and most do not provide them.

What is the BEST Tissue for School?

The best tissue for school has got to be Kleenex in multi-packs with the Box Tops for Education logo and here is why...

Kleenex is the only tissue brand with Box Tops for Education. Each box top on the rectangular boxes is worth 10 cents which can add up quickly. You turn them to your school’s representative.
(*Newbie Note to Self - Must find out who this person is at our school stat.)

Over the past 20 years, 70,000+ schools have raised more than $840 million through Box Tops for Education. $32 million was donated to schools from the Kleenex Brand alone. 

Don't think childrens' ability to spread germs and insatiable need for tissues doesn't amount to anything!

Kleenex Brand Online coupon for $.50 off

And at Walmart you can find specially marked packs of Kleenex facial tissue with even more Box Tops per bundle.

Let us know what you think about our choice for BEST Tissues for Schools or if you do Box Tops for Education...

 or any tips for keeping my kid from becoming our family's germ exchange coordinator in the comments below.

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