Tuesday, September 26, 2017

12 Easy Vegan Kids Lunches

Green grapes, Rainbow carrot sticks, cashew and vegan chocolate chips, cantaloupe, soft tortilla triangles with plain hummus in the small cup.

My son started Kindergarten this year and I got my hands on a Planetbox. We were living in Japan last year and although I was sending my little guy to preschool with a cute little Japanese bento, I was seeing all these great pictures on Instagram of friends back home filling up these neat little stainless steel lunchboxes. Obviously, I'm hooked now. Here are just 12 of our recent lunch boxes. 

My son also gets a snack which we put in the small insulated lunch bag attached to his backpack, usually things like popcorn, gummy snacks, or granola bars.

Tofurky roll up, Lukes veggie sticks (I've noticed these are a little healthier than the one from Trader Joe's), Cantaloupe, Pluots, red pepper, apples, dried blueberries. 

Home made baked tofu, Healthy Brownie Balls, pluots, vegan chocolate chip cookies, Tofurky roll up, Cantaloupe

Almond Butter and sliced apple sandwich, apple slices, veggie sticks, vegan chocolate chips, green grapes

Tofurky roll up, green grapes, vegan chocolate chips, veggie sticks, watermelon

Peanut butter and banana sandwich, savory baked tofu, veggie sticks, vegan chocolate chips, watermelon

Grapes, cucumber, veggie sticks, vegan chocolate chips, Banana Peanut butter roll up on whole wheat tortilla

Honeydew, green grapes, cucumber slices, roasted salted pistachios, roasted red pepper hummus and tortilla chips with chia seeds. 

Honeydew melon, rainbow carrots, roasted salted pistachios with vegan chocolate chip trail mix, plum and apple cubes, almond butter and apple slices on whole wheat bread.

Apple slices, green grapes, cashews and vegan chocolate chips, carrots, plain hummus in the cup, Apple and almond butter and soft tortilla roll up.

Lightlife vegan hot dog, 1 slice white bread, Brownie ball, sweet potatoe fries, green grapes.

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