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LEGOLAND California Vegan Food Guide

One of my favorite things about LEGOLAND California is their food. As someone who used to work there, I can tell you that their food standards are extremely high. They have always sold a lot of vegetarian and vegan options and source a lot of their ingredients and products locally and from natural and organic brands. We are so lucky to have this gem among all the theme park and entertainment options in San Diego because it is a great place to play and you won't have trouble finding healthy food.

First, you CAN bring YOUR OWN water and small snacks into LEGOLAND California, just no outside food and beverages.

I have never seen anyone questioned over their food and we always bring sandwiches, snacks, fruit, and veggies.

Here is their cooler policy:

Check out the vegan food at LEGOLAND California:

Quick but IMPORTANT Notes:

The french fries at this park are indeed vegan BUT MAY be in a shared fryer depending on location. The LEGOLAND dietary guide doesn't list their fries as vegan but I have asked multiple times about ingredients and have been told they are plant based but some locations, like Knight's Table use a shared fryer.

The Churros are NOT vegan. They contain egg.

You can find the rainbow Good Humor popsicles which are vegan at small carts throughout the park. I've also seen the frozen Lemonade and other frozen vegan or accidentally vegan treats.

Vegan Food at LEGOLAND by Location:

The Market

In the Market in the Beginning of the park, you will various fresh fruit, and vegan gourmet snacks and goodies that may or may not be accidentally vegan upon closer inspection. This is an amazing little shop that is completely unique to this particular LEGOLAND park. None of the other parks have such an accommodating snack shop offering so many pre-packaged grab and go snacks catering to vegans, and the gluten-free, nut-free communities.

Here is a list of what we've found at The Market:

Veggie sandwich - Ask for the caprese without cheese
Chuao Chocolate bars (Local gourmet chocolates in a variety of flavors SOME like the mango and bread crumb one are vegan! Read the labels, some are not vegan.)
Gluten Free/Vegan cookies (bagged) - 5 or 6 varieties like chocolate chip and Snickerdoodle.
Almond pudding
soy milk
garden salad
pretzel bread (YAYA!!)
fresh fruit cups
whole fresh fruit
Chocolate covered pretzels
Almond Milk offered for regular coffee
Clif kids fruit snacks
and products change from time to time so keep checking and asking!

LEGOLAND California has TWO salad bars in the park and they are fresh, well-curated, and delicious. 

Fun Town's Urban Kitchen

Fun Town's Urban Kitchen has a great salad bar that comes with a bread roll. They over a variety of dressings, some of which are vegan - ask if you are not sure.

You can also have the Tofu and Veggie Bowl NO Curry Sauce.

My salad:

My friend's salad:

Vegetable Curry *Sauce is NOT vegan - I need a new picture. Not sure why they couldn't make a vegan sauce. This was something I assumed to be vegan!?!

Fettucini with tomatoes is *NOT VEGAN*

This is also something we assumed to be vegan perhaps even told it was when we asked (because unless we know we usually ask. Most employees have no understanding of veganism and you need to start talking ingredients so this also may have been the case above.)

 I wanted to update this post but also want to highlight the problem here that PASTA AND MARINARA SAUCE SHOULD BE VEGAN. WE ASSUME IT IS BECAUSE IT IS AT THE GROCERY STORE AND AT HOME. I get it that the homemade kind has egg and they sometimes put butter in the sauce but then it should be flagged, marked, have a sign on it when it is hidden like this because we ate this and fed ot to our kids unknowingly and it really makes me sad.

Wok 'n Bowl Ramen

Unfortunately you will not get a vegan ramen here, although there may be a hack to that. The Tofu Stir Fry on Tamaki Gold White Rice is the plant based option on the menu and it is pretty tasty!

Granny's Apple Fries

Great news! Granny's Apple Fries are indeed vegan! They are a special, yummy treat, but you need to make sure you order without the whip cream which has dairy in it. The apple fries are covered in cinnamon sugar so you will not miss the extra sugar in the cream.

Knight's Table

This place is up in the Knight's Kingdom area and I had been avoiding it for some time once they stopped serving beer there. They lured me back in with a little bar outside that sells 3 local/micro brews and wine. I know for sure that one of the 3 beers, Stone, is vegan. I don't know about the other two.

Food-wise, they have wood fired corn on the cob, which is absolutely delish and reminds you how great it is to be a vegan and french fries.

Ninja Kitchen

You are in LUCK here! The Tofu Bahn Mi is vegan! Sensei Wu wants you to hold the mayo but everything else in this sandwich is vegan and it is delicious.

I could see why you may need a little mayo so I hope they can switch to the Hampton Creek Just Mayo or similar vegan brand soon because they taste exactly the same and everyone can eat it!!!! In the meantime, you may need extra sweet chili sauce.

Pizza & Pasta Buffet

This place has a fabulous salad bar. It has fresh Romaine, spinach, and/or spring mix salads vegetables, legumes as well as marinated pepper salads, Mediterranean olives, pepperocinis, other seasonal creations, I need to ask about the Italian Dressing...

You may not find a vegan cheese pizza here but you can request the GF pasta with marinara which they note is suitable for vegans AND ask for a GF pizza with veggies (no vegan cheese available) which is pretty tasty.

*JUST ASK FOR THE CHEF RIGHT AWAY because he makes these 2 items to order and they take a long time.

** I NEED TO COMMENT TO THE PARK THAT THIS WAIT TIME STINKS. It takes about 30 minutes to get the vegan or gluten free items. Why not simply offer a vegan/gf option for hot food that you don't have to ask for? It is really inconvenient when I go with friends and my food always comes out as everyone is ready to leave. I think there are enough of us out there to warrant an available option ready to go.

The Garden Restaurant 

The garden restaurant has the fruit cup, fresh fruit, sometimes you can find the vegan So Delicious coconut yogurt, and some potato chips. They also offer a Roasted Vegetable Sandwich which I have yet to try but judging from my past experience eating my way around the park for the last 10 years I'm going to bet that it is good!

Here is the official LEGOLAND Dietary Guide.

LEGOLAND HOTEL - has vegan options and I will update the list when I get more information.

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If you visit LEGOLAND California, make sure to try some of their vegan options to help fuel your fun with some plant power!

Did you find any vegan food that we haven't seen yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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