Wednesday, September 27, 2017

DIY Disney 101 Dalmatians Puppy Halloween Costume

Last year for Halloween, we were living in Japan and we didn't think Trick or Treating was going to be an option. Since we were planning a Halloween Tokyo Disneyland trip I thought I'd put them in 101 Dalmatian costumes I could make myself. Check out how we made our DIY Dalmatian Costumes...

They have costume days at Tokyo Disneyland and I wasn't sure if we would make it to one. We didn't but they wore the costumes anyway! They had fun despite a very rainy Disney Day. Good thing they had already been here once.

How to Make the 101 Dalmatian Costume for kids

White leggings
White shirt Apparel n Bags
White baseball cap
Black felt for ears
Pink Felt for tongue
Black fabric for tail
Stuffing for tail
Black Thread (or you could use hot glue for no sew)
Black yarn
Black acrylic paint
Some type of paper to put inside clothes so paint doesn't bleed through


With my store-bought white shirt, pants, and baseball cap, I painted spots all over the clothing including for eyes. I wasn't sure if I wanted cartoon eyes or just kinda spots and so the spots is what I went with. I think if I had more time, I would have created really beautiful eyes.

I cut big U-shaped ears from the black felt and a tongue from the pink felt and sewed those inside the hat.

I made a black pom-pom out of the yarn and poked two holes through the hat to attach the pom-pom nose.

I created a tail out of the black fabric and filled it with stuffing. I attached the tails with safety pins so they were removable and this worked out fine.

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