Tuesday, November 14, 2017

12 More Vegan School Lunches

Tofurky roll-up, cashews, Dandies marshmallow, veggie sticks, red pepper, cantaloupe

I thought I'd share another batch of vegan kids lunches from the last few weeks. Our lunches are pretty basic but I don't think it has to be fancy if it's got a lot of healthy food that the kid will actually eat. You can see he really like cantaloupe! He loves raspberries and other melons too, although it was a total fail with the green honeydew this week. He also likes all the fake meats like Gardein, Tofurky, and Field Roast, but really doesn't like sandwiches. I think I played out the nut butter sandwich last year so he's kinda over it and we went with more of a lunchable-type vibe or some other vegan protein. 

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Hummus, chia seed crackers, carrots, Dandies Marshmellow, cantaloupe

We get most of our fruit from Farm Fresh to You here in California. We got lucky to have a long run of cantaloupe this year and 

Gardein Nuggets, cantaloupe, Dandies marshmellow, pasta with vegan parmesan, red pepper

The "parmesan" recipe is our Spaghetti Sprinkle which is super easy to make and the kids LOVE it.

Gardein Nuggets, cantaloupe, Dandies marshmallow, cashews, strawberries

Tofurky slices, Follow Your Heart vegan cheese slices, wheat bread, wheat bunny crackers, Justin's Dark Chocolate peanut butter cup, strawberries, cantaloupe, pineapple

We really like the Follow Your Heart vegan cheese and since he likes the Tofurky, but won't eat sandwiches, and hates mayo and mustard, I thought we'd try a vegan "Lunchable" concept. Turns out that this is one of the most well liked favorites.

Field Roast Frankfurter, raspberries, green grapes, Dandies marshmallow, cashews and pistachios, pineapple spear

Pineapple is not the best liked fruit and it's too bad because it is super cheap! It has become a smoothie staple for me as I find them for as little as $3. 

Wheat bread, Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, Tofurky slices, garbonzo beans w/ salt, Dandies marshmallow, green grapes, watermelon

The chick peas were just filling space here. They weren't a big hit either even though I salted and lightly seasoned with onion and garlic. I liked them! Again the lunchable...

Trader Joe's organic baked tofu, TJ's peanut butter crackers, pistachios, Dandies vegan marshmallow, watermelon, English cucumber

Everyone really seems to like this Trader Joe's Organic Baked Tofu in both Original and Teriyaki and it is only $3.49 a pack which about covers a lunch for 2-4 if you stretch it. They also like the little peanut butter cracker snacks from TJ's and pistachios from Braga Organic Farms. That is where we buy all our nuts in bulk.

Banana almond butter roll up, Triscuit crackers, chocolate covered almonds, green grapes, cantaloupe

I wish I had more of those chocolate covered almonds. We have Grocery Outlet here where things can be a hit or miss as they stock overstock type gourmet deals. I can't even remember the brand but I guess I like chocolate covered pretty much everything and could probably make them myself if I had to...

Tofurky roll up, veggie sticks, cantaloupe, Justin's Dark Chocolate peanut butter cups, banana

I had to use up these tortillas until I just threw them out. They were Mission extra soft but not really extra tasty.

Hummus, Triscuits, veggie sticks, Gypsy pepper, cantaloupe, Chocoloate Peanut Butter Ball

Putting the hummus to the test. I'm pretty sure I failed this one.

Hummus, Triscuits, veggie sticks, Gypsy pepper, cantaloupe, Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

I tried the hummus this way, in the cup and lid, because the hummus leaked  when I spooned it into the tray, and also because I wanted to see if my picky kid would eat it out of the cup and not the tray. He actually did eat it but it was because he had soccer right after school and needed a snack and I always just make him finish his lunch. Of course he always eats his treat first!

We got more where this came from. Enjoy!

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