Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Ravensburger The Quest for El Dorado Game Review

If you are into family game night or looking for a gift for older kids, Ravensburger just sent us The Quest for El Dorado for review and we got to open it up today. It is an Indiana Jones-ish deck building game set on an expedition through the jungle and was a Game of the Year Finalist for 2017. We have always had good experiences with their games and puzzles...

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Why we like Ravensburger

Ravensburger has been making games and toys since the 1800s  and they create thier games with values of enjoyment, education, and togetherness. We love them because they focus on minimizing their carbon footprint and recycle nearly all of their manufacturing waste as well as focusing on being a socially responsible company that does most of their manufacturing at their home base in Germany. They were the first to join the "Fair Play" initiative ensuring fair labor practices regarding child labor, work hours, health, safety, and clean environmental practices.

Basic summary of the game:

Ravensburger The Quest for El Dorado is a deck building game meaning that each player starts with the same combination of cards and players use the cards to move your expedition and to purchase new and better cards to improve their deck. This game is set in the deep, dense jungles of South America in the city of El Dorado, known as the city of gold. You assemble a group of adventurers which is surprisingly comprised of mostly female characters and set out on an expedition, collect equipment and make a strategic journey across a fully customized game board. It is meant for ages 10 and up with 2-4 Players.

Our Thoughts

This is a great quality board game with thick interlocking boards that you can assemble with their suggestions or you can configure your own layout for 100,000 combinations to keep game play interesting. The deck stacking is fun and great for beginners. The game is easy to understand and explain for about an hour of game play.

We love the little wooden explorer playing pieces (so did my little ones) and we love that most of the characters in the game are women like the scientist, traveler, photographer, and millionaire.

Great for a birthday or holiday gift for someone ages 10 and up.

Find Ravensburger The Quest for El Dorado on Amazon or your local toy store.

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